Telegram Redesign

A concept by Pavel Vashenko

Fresh New Look

I use Telegram every day and this product satisfy me more than anything else. But just look at Material 2.0 and new Google apps and you’ll see Telegram a bit older, even though it’s made by strong guidelines. I tried to keep user experience, find a new face of Telegram and improve a lot of details those care me.

A white app bar is not just about beauty. It’s about consistency with custom color themes and backgrounds. Also the bar had got a call button and a redesigned menu.

The current text field is so minimalistic but it doesn’t look like a field. Telegram for iOS has a perfect one. And it’s something that helps people identify Telegram from others.

A bottom sheet for actions with a message is more close to fingers than a dialog. It also increases attention to important actions and readability of the rest of the list.

For selecting a few messages I’d used intuitive checkboxes and a trendy bottom app bar with an accent to a forward button.

Instant Attachments

We share a photo we’ve took a moment ago to our soulmate, send the nearest location while our friends are getting us, forward docs we’ve just downloaded from mail to colleagues. Usually we work with something recent. And I think an attachments menu should provide access to our recent content in one tap.

Selected items have bigger thumbnails in an original ratio. Videos start with autoplay, especially in this increased view.

The shortest way to send a recent photo requires three gestures. My solution is faster: just tap on the clip button and pull a photo out of an attachment menu.

Powerful Gestures

Telegram has a lot of capabilities for providing gestures. So gestures make experience of a product great and save time for advanced customers.

Pull from the end of a chat to open a camera.

Swipe a bottom bar from edges to go to the next or previous chat.

Of Course, Dark Mode

Every pixel looks good in a dark mode, too. Also I respected solutions as names and timestamps inside bubbles or backgrounds under dates and system messages to make the design ready for chat backgrounds 2.0.

Made in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Lipetsk for the Telegram design competition by Pavel Vashenko.